New Zealand’s most perfectly formed volcano and possibly the most iconic. Mt Taranaki is a mountain to be enjoyed and the summit can be reached by even non-mountaineers. It is often referred to as ‘New Zealand’s most climbed mountain’. Despite being so accessible, our sleeping giant is not to be under estimated. At around 120,000 years old, mount Taranaki is sacred to the Maori people and has its fair share of stories to tell. Mt Taranaki most notable story is the legend of the battle of mountains. Legend has it that Mt Taranaki once lived in the central plateau with the other mountains – Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe. Tongariro erupted in jealous fury as Mount Taranaki began flirting with the pretty lady hill named Pihanga. Taranaki fled to the west carving out large rivers as he travelled through Whanganui before settling where he is now.

Mount Taranaki can be accessed at three entry points, Pembroke Road, Manaia Road and Egmont Road.

Waterproof Jacket

Lightweight waterproof jacket. Needs to be highly
breathable and reasonable waterproof rating.


A necessity on any sunny day in NZ (and even some of those
not-so-sunny days)


Use a ‘two coat’ approach. Apply your sunscreen 20 minutes
before going outside and again when you’ve been outside for
10 to 20 minutes.

Day Pack

A good day pack will be able to carry all your essentials,
including food and water, and still be comfortable.

Sturdy Shoes

Trail running shoes are suitable for most outdoor activities.
Old school walking shoes are suitable as well.

Personal Toiletries + Medication

Always take personal medication and supplies for
unexpected toilet stops.

Yes. In New Zealand, it’s expected you'd tell someone what you’re doing and where you’re going before you go. 

Because many outdoor locations are remote and have no mobile phone coverage, often with very few people around, if something does go wrong the only way our emergency services can help you is if they know you haven’t returned. Tell a trusted contact. If you’re visiting from overseas and your trusted contacts are back home you can still tell them of your plans. 


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998 Pembrooke Road, Egmont National Park, Stratford, Taranaki, 4332, NZ