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The Mt Taranaki Summit track is the ultimate in trekking experiences. The journey is challenging so should only be attempted by those with a high level of fitness and trekking experience. Standing at 2518 m high, Mount Taranaki summit track is more difficult and dangerous than it may appear so only attempt the track in good weather conditions. The adventure will take between 8-10 hours from start to finish, and the views from the top will make the journey absolutely worth it. Leave early in the morning to ensure you have enough time to get there and back before sunset.

The Mt Taranaki summit can be reached starting from either the Stratford Plateau entrance on Pembroke Road in Stratford, or from the North Egmont entrance.

The North Egmont visitors Centre hike starts on a dirt road where you are sheltered by forest, it then gives way to tussock for the rest of your journey until your reach Tahurangi Lodge. From the Stratford Plateau, the track snakes around a gorge, before you cross over and arrive at the Mangonui Ski Lodge. From there, there are rocks to manoeuvre and stairs to climb before arriving at Tahurangi Lodge, approximately 2 hours after leaving the car park.

Tahurangi Lodge is the perfect point for a rest. This is your last chance to enjoy shelter and a toilet stop for the rest of your climb up. From this point the climb turns more expert, and exposed to the elements. You will continue on through the gully, with large boulders to step over. While rock hopping be sure to follow the orange poles which will guide your route. Because the gully doesn’t see much sunlight, this part of the track can be very slippery. The track turns into stairs in the upper section of the gully where you are even more exposed out on the ridge line. As challenging as the climb may be, be sure to stop and take in the unbelievable views, they are simply breathtaking.

Get ready for the scoria section of the climb. This is where progress can be slow, as with every step you take, the scoria slides you down - a bit like climbing a sand dune. After 1-2 hours you will reach “The lizard”. The large steep rocks take around 1-2 hours to climb. Once you reach the summit crater you know you are almost there. Snow sits in the crater all year round, and can be slippery so do take care.

Once you reach the summit, the views will take your breath away. The hard work of the climb will be a distant memory once you are rewarded with an overwhelming feeling of achievement and the sense of being on top of the world. You’ll be treated to a view of the region below with the vast Tasman Sea on one side and the mountain ranges of the Central North Island on the other.

Once you’ve enjoyed the remarkable experience of reaching the top of Mt Taranaki , it’s time for the descent. This is where the majority of accidents occur so take it slow and carefully, your walking poles will come in handy while descending back home.

The Mount Taranaki Summit climb is an unbelievable journey you will never forget. The views and the experience is not to be missed, so if you have tramping experience and a good level of fitness, the Mt Taranaki Summit track is definitely one for the bucket list!

The best time of year to attempt the summit without alpine equipment is February to mid April.

Always check with the Egmont National Park Visitor Centre for up to date information as conditions can change suddenly.

Mt Taranaki is a life force and a spiritual tupuna or ancestor for Taranaki Māori. Please respect this by not standing directly on the summit peak or camping, cooking, or littering in the summit area.

There is no drinking water on the track - take 2-3 litres with you.
Food, enough to keep you going the whole day.
Waterproof raincoat and trousers
Sturdy tramping/hiking boots
Warm clothing, gloves and hat
Sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen
First aid kit
Mountain radio/personal locator beacon (optional and can be hired from Taranaki /
Egmont National Park Visitor Centre)
Walking poles (optional)
Make sure you tell a trusted contact of your plans, and your estimated time of return.

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