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Highway 43

The Forgotten World Highway was built on an old colonial bridle path and is nestled in the rugged North Island hill country. Just a three hours journey from Taumarunui (150 km).

State Highway 45 | 3 hours from Taumarunui

Curvy and isolated, the central north island road keeps you at the edge of your seat with camera at hand. 150-kilometre stretch boasts stunning scenery, forests, cliff-top and spectacular hidden valleys. Blue skies, fog, or just after rain, it’s magical no matter what the conditions are.

Along the way, check out the quaint town of Whangamomona, famous for being the only self-proclaimed republic in New Zealand. This is a world class destination and a key highlight along the road. No visit to Taranaki is complete without stopping in at the local pub to have a beer with the locals.

Stretch your legs

Do the Forgotten World Highway like a roller-coaster. Stop in for a beer at the Whangamomona Hotel or check at some of the historic sites along the way.