Bikes and New Equipment

13 June, 2018

What better way to see the Worlds Second best region that by bike. This is why we have invested in a large fleet of bicycles, so we can make it easier for people to get around Taranaki and to allow them to really engage in the region. The bikes we have purchased are all brand new ‘Giants’, ranging from large bikes, through to more medium sizes and even some for the kids. We appreciate that not everyone has the ability to transport themselves and their bikes to some locations, so we have also purchased a bike trailer that comfortable transports 10 bikes at a time, so what better excuse to grab your mates, and even your children, and go cruise around Taranaki in style. We also provide all safety equipment, including a full range of helmets and high visibility vests to protect everyone. Our bicycles are regularly serviced to ensure they are fit to handle whatever you throw at them and after completing an extensive Shimano bike repair course, you can feel happy knowing you are in safe hands.